What’s old is eventually, always new again. And that’s especially true in the world of hair. Claw-clips are now chic, scrunchies are in fashion, and the iconic ‘70s shag haircut is officially back on the red carpet. But this time, the shags aren’t topping the leather-clad rock stars in your mum’s teenage dreams, but rather framing the faces your favourite Hollywood A-listers, who have taken the old-school cut and turned it into a modern, screenshot-worthy style to copy ASAP.

Need some inspiration? Check out the eight best iterations on the trend, below, then call your stylist immediately.


The Choppy Shag

Halle Berry's naturally curly hair gives her shaggy cut next-level–gorgeous volume, texture, and definition. The trick to keeping her bangs from looking too heavy? Multiple rows of choppy, asymmetrical layers that gradually lengthen around her face.


The Heavily-Banged Shag

In the most classic of shag interpretations, Chloë Grace Moretz takes the traditionally thick, curtain-esque bangs of an O.G. shag haircut and makes them modern by keeping the rest of her hair glossy, smooth, and softly waved.



The Curly Shag

Don't be afraid of curly bangs! Just look at Zendaya's incredibly gorgeous shag to see that they're fully wearable, on two conditions: keep them long (they should overlap your brows) and layered (so they don't look too heavy). For added curliness, dry your shag with a diffuser and a curl-defining cream.


The No-Bangs Shag

Not a fan of bangs? Don't worry—you can still get in on the shag trend without battling a curtain of fringe. Proof: Alexa Chung's middle-parted cut, which relies on long layers around the face for a faux-bang feel.



The Petite Shag

If you're not quite ready to take the plunge into full-on shagdom, try January Jones' approach: Cut tiny, shag-like bangs, which split in the middle and just barely skim the tips of her brows. For added texture, blast your roots with texturising spray and gently scrunch for a messy, '70s feel.


The Modern Shag

Yes, a stick-straight shag seems like an oxymoron—until you look at Kerry Washington and realise it's not only possible, but really, truly gorgeous. The key to recreating this look is asking your stylist for short, angular bangs (cut like shards of glass) and defined layers throughout the rest of your hair that'll pop when you straighten them.


The Heavy Shag

See how Taylor Swift's hair basically envelops her head? That's a heavy, face-framing shag, which automatically gives you a shrouded, "come hither" vibe (pairs perfectly with smoky eyes, like Swift's). Ask your stylist to start your bangs three inches into your hairline for the thickest, shaggiest finish.



The Long Shag

Another no-bang style, Gabrielle Union's curly, brushed-out shag is a thing of long-hair dreams. Because you can, in fact, keep your length and still pull off the shag style, so long as you add in a ton of shorter layers that start at the brow line and taper off toward your shoulders.