As you age, you start to rely on your hairstyle to create a natural sophisticated and youthful look. No doubt about it, every woman yearns for the perfect anti-aging secret answer. Although most of us, don’t think of a hairstyle possessing the power to transform us and shave years off our face. Forget cosmetic surgery or a face lift, just go to your local salon and ask for a cut like we’ve gathered. Take a look and you might be surprised.


Long and Layered

Thing is, layers are perfect for basically any face shape and frame but that’s a given. As you’re looking for a look that’ll make you look younger then be sure to get it cut just past the shoulders for the full effect.


Long Bob

When you want a bob that isn’t high maintenance then you can opt for the plain, long bob. And don’t fret because the long bob offers an array of styling options, way more than you thought possible.


Long Layered Pixie Cut

Ladies, if you’re looking to slowly grow out your hair without worry then you need to get the long version of the pixie cut ASAP. Not only is it polished and sophisticated, it also offers hair a more full look while drawing attention to your face. *Snap your fingers and bid farewell to the thought of plastic surgery.*


Short Cropped Hairstyle

We know what you’re thinking, the short cropped hairstyle looks similar to the pixie cut but the thing is, it isn’t. The short chopped cut offers more of a longer layer look on top or even bangs. Meaning you’ll look more edgy and youthful at the same time and you don’t have to chop off all your hair.


Shoulder Length Layers

Again, whether you have wavy or straight hair, you can rock this look easily. The shoulder length layer cut don’t need tons of attention and is to style so it looks sophisticated any time of the day or night.


Soft Long Layers With Face Framing Pieces

Listen up ladies, you better put down the number for that plastic surgery consultant because you just stumbled upon the perfect hairstyle to help you look younger. The soft, long layer look with face-framing pieces helps frame your face in a way that helps it look smaller and thinner. That’s the ultimate goal right there, no matter how old you are.


Streaked And Stacked

Low maintenance? Check. That’s pretty much all that matters sometimes. The streaked and stacked look is one you won’t need to run back to the stylist to fix up, a layered bob retains its shape as it grows.


Choppy Bob

For those who have a heart or oval face then you really need the choppy bob in your life, well more like on top of your head. If you choose to go this direction, make your stylist cuts your hair when dry for accurate placement of layers.